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About Me

Hey, hey, lovely person :) 

As most likely you already know, my name is Marta. I am a native Lithuanian who grew up in a small town called Plungė. As a “normal” kid, I went to school, later I finished university, and I went to China. To teach English. Yes, a very tiny (Chinese size) village called YingDe. That’s when my status as “being normal” disappeared. I became a traveler, a learner, and a happy person with a positive attitude going through this awesome life. And world. Literally. Who am I know? Exact same small-town girl just after seeing the mixture of nationalities, characters, and traditions I feel inspired and motivated to remind myself where I come from and how important it is to keep our own culture alive.

How I got here?

I am sure it was meant to happen! I was never planing on doing what I am doing now, but everything happens for a reason, right? So a friend of mine offered me on creating my own account on Instagram (hallelujah!) and that’s how everything has started. Also you, each person I have met on my way, have taught me to appreciate my roots, be proud of my country and never feel ashamed that it might not have mountains or waterfalls. It has its own spirit. You can’t see it, but hey, the best things in life are meant to be felt not seen. :)

Fun Facts About Me 

Penguin Obsessed

I find penguins probably one of the cutest creatures on earth. I could watch them for hours and I really want to go to Antarctica on an expedition trip just to be able to look at them forever.

I go Bananas

I could eat a kilo of bananas as a kid and didn’t see any problem in that. Once my grandmother got me like 10 bananas and eventually she was worried that I would get sick. Nothing happened but I couldn’t look at them for like good 10 years.

White Socks Only

I only wear white socks. Don’t ask me why. :D Never was a fan of these coloured socks and even if I wear them I feel weird. Make sure you clean yours floors if you ever host me! Yes, I have tried black (socks!) - no. 

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